A.ben yehuda West Industrial Computer Inc., 

Provide professional services to the highest standard and are especially proud of the interdependence created over the years with its customers. 

Binheim include: individuals, networks, shops, companies, institutions, organizations, hotels, etc. .. 


The plant produces a variety of furniture and works according to a very high standard since 1995. 

Every move furniture manufacturing factory, we place a strong emphasis on the mode of production and the quality of the final piece of furniture as it may be - we use the best types of wood and of course the best types Affixing it an integral part of the final piece of furniture. 


We are accustomed to produce large quantities of furniture short time under the requirements of architects and designers, and private traders alike. 


Projects - this is our field !! We took the project plans, and you will get a price. 


A.ven West Industrial Computer Inc., is a family business acquired a great reputation over the years, of course, thanks to the excellent service and personal attention we give to our customers. 


A.ven West Industrial Company Ltd. provides transportation computer and its regulations, as well as provides 5 year warranty on its furniture products. 



We bless you that you will be 

Among our satisfied customers, 


And wish you a pleasant stay on the site.